Is stress bringing you (and your company) down?

artice image Stress trickles down to your working relationships, and subsequently, affects the success of your company (

Did you know that being constantly stressed out doesn't only take a toll on you, but it costs the company money too?

Don't believe us?

A recent survey conducted by The People Element found that stress affects your working relationships, happiness at home, and subsequently, your company's bottom line too.

So how is the company you're working for losing money?

In many cases, employees that are stressed will choose not to pitch up for work - and it’s not just you who will stay at home, your colleagues will also prefer to stay at home if they're stressed. On any day, when the company is short-staffed, it automatically leads to lower productivity.

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On days that you do pitch, because you're stressed you're likely to make more errors, and not to mention spreading the ‘bad mood’ or ‘demotivated’ germ to colleagues by causing unnecessary tension among staff. For example, have you ever noticed that your co-workers are sometimes touchy when you don't greet them with a smile?

Unhappy employees (this includes but is not limited to the stressed ones) are more likely to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. For the company this means having to deal with a higher turnover rate. The recruiting process can be expensive, especially if it has to be done repeatedly.

Common causes of stress in the workplace

  • Frequent physical danger
  • Highly automated and repetitive tasks
  • Medical insurance complications
  • Frequent isolation and minimum opportunities to interact with others
  • Lack of opportunities to build social support networks
  • Personal issues
  • Chronic work overload
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Constant change in requirements, procedures, schedules or even supervisors
  • Unusually prolonged deadline pressures
  • It is of paramount importance that you work for a company in which the company culture is structured in such a way that it minimises stress and its effects. If you too are feeling stressed out at work or know someone that is, perhaps it's time to move to greener pastures.

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